IC Chips Grinding Repair Machine for iPhones iPads Main Board Motherboard Repair




1. Compatible with: iPhone

2. Function: IC Chips Grinding Repair

3. Weight: about 60kg

Package content:

1 x Operating PC

1 x CNC Machine

1 x CNC Controller

1 x Milling cutters

1 x LED Lamp

1 x Cooling Pump

13 x Mould for iPhone 5S/6/6P6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X/XS/XR/XS MAX

Tips: The procuct prevails in kind.

CNC Chip Grinding Machine Features

Safety Guaranteed  

Chips are difficult to be removed, since solder balls are easily melted while glues are not. With CNC

Chip Grinding Machine, chip removing can be quick and safe without damaging the board.


CNC Chip Grinding Machine is designed to grind and remove a variety of chips, covering both iPhone

series and iPad series with respective molds and programs supporting unlimited upgrading.

Operating Steps

1. Wire Connecting


Connect the USB LPT interface of the controller with Operating PC. Connect the spindle interface of the

controller with the grinding machine. Connect the engraving machine interface of the controller with the

grinding machine. Connect the Operating PC with the monitor via VGA wire. Connect the water pipe of

the grinding machine with the cooling pump.


Wire up the controller, the monitor, the Operating PC, the light lamp. Get the wire-less keyboard and

mouse prepared. Wire up the cooling pump. Turn on the power switch of the controller. Turn on the

power button of the monitor. Turn on the power button of the Operating PC. Turn on the e-stop switch

by rotating clockwise.

2. Grinding Preparing

Open the software. On the software interface, click on the left mouse button and select ‘Operation’.

Click on the left mouse button and select ‘Move to Reference Point’ (The process goes with the per

powering up of the grinding machine).

On the pop-up window, select ‘All Axes’ and wait for the grinding machine to move back to the

original position of coordinates. After that, close up the pop-up window. Click and clear numerical

value of X-axis and Y-axis.

3. Grinding Demonstrating – iPhone 6 Audio Chip Grinding

In the manual mode, move the milling cutter of the grinding machine to the corresponding chip

grinding area by clicking the control button of X-axis and Y-axis.

Put the iPhone 6 logic board on the corresponding iPhone 6 area. Replace with a new milling

cutter when needed. Then fix the logic board to the mold.

On the software interface, click on the file icon. On the ‘Open and load’ window, select ‘iPhone 6

Audio. nc’. Then start the Spindle.

In the manual mode, move the milling cutter of the grinding machine to the corresponding audio

chip grinding area by clicking the control button of X-axis,Y-axis and Z-axis. Click the ‘start’ icon

on the software interface, or click ‘F9’ to start grinding.

Click the ‘stop’ icon on the software interface, or click ‘F11’ to stop grinding. On the blank area of

the software interface, click on the right mouse button. On the pop-up window, adjust numerical

value of Z-axis based on the actual situation.

After that, click the ‘start’ icon on the software interface, or click ‘F9’ to restart grinding. Once the

welding spot comes out, stop the grinding process. Clear up chip residue and clean with PCB cleaner.

Evaluate grinding effect to see if the grinding process is successful.


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