OEM Air Pressure Corkscrew

//OEM Air Pressure Corkscrew
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Project Description

Plastic,Rubber,Aluminum alloy and Stainless steel
1. Use the foil cutter to cut the cover foil;
2. Place the corkscrew’S needle into the middle of cork, and let sleeve around the wine bottle’s top;
3. Lifting and lowering the corkscrew’S handle to pump air into the bottle, until the cork slide out of the bottle; (As a rule,4~7 pumps per bottle is appropriate)
4. Push the plastic slider of sleeve to make the cork away from the needle.
1. Don’t use this corkscrew for carbonated drinks;
2. Please keep the corkscrew out of children’s reach, because needle and foil cutter are very sharp;
3. If the bottle is defective, the fimes of pumping must not over 15 pumps per bottle.

Project Details